The New 2.0 Internet

Where is your company at right now? Where is it headed? Are you willing to take a look at these questions?

Expand Business Market Reach Online
Hindsight is 2020 but 2020 foresight can give you a head start for the future of your company.

The Internet continues to evolve into a powerful sales, marketing, and advertising tool for businesses to grab a hold of. Taking a sit back approach to using the Internet for marketing and advertising a company can really put a business behind the eight ball. Technology changes; including audio, video, and interactivity in the new websites can have a very positive affect on brand recognition. Even if customers are not shopping at the moment for certain business products or services; having name recognition established through a website can bring in business down the road.

B2B, B2C, and C2C

Businesses can generally be placed into at least one of three categories (B2B, B2C, & C2C). B2B, Business to business, B2C, Business to consumer, and C2C, Consumer-to-consumer. Understanding those differences and how it applies to Sales and the Web can be instrumental in establishing a good Online foundation for a presence on the Internet.

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